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Monday, February 11, 2008

i hate this feeling

i was busy with my project lately,
and suddenly things come out..
someone really make me hot today.
someone who do not appreciate my friendship.
you know who you are,
and you can ERASE all about me in your memory.
do not forget to empty your recycle bin as well.
when friendship became useless,
then there's no need for us to keep it.
i pray this moment only came once in my life,
because i don't want to lose ANY of my friends..
p/s: i love my FRIENDS.


footnote to reef :
thanks for the pizza invitation.
really miss the pizza's.
but i couldn't manage my time to get to your house.
footnote to shasha :
it was a quick date,
wish it was longer.
tons of stories to tell ya..


:famieyinlurve: said...

sape dear?
kite ke ?

~purplechoc~ said...

eh bukan u la,perasan je.

maybe im just emo this morning :P

:famieyinlurve: said...

hihii..mane la tau kan..marah kite sbb xbelanje eskrim ke...hiihih..
stay cool tau! ilang mrh tu

~purplechoc~ said...

aaa blanje aiskrim eh.

apeq said...

sape yg wat u camni ni?
nak kene nie..
ade current picture?
rase cam nk edit picture jek...

purplechoc said...

it was someone dear.
haha tape let it go..

erm i da sent pics for ya!

thanks dear!