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Thursday, January 17, 2008

a wonderful time..

around wonderful people!
yup,the gathering was awesome!
and happening.
eventhough tak ramai yg dpt join.
ade budak2 sengal sorg due da cukup.hehe..
ops,bukan i ye yg sengal2 itu :P
byk stories dpt kongsi same2..
cite pasal long-lost friends,
yela,after more than a decade tak jmpe,
mesti byk stories kan.
btw,sis Arin,ni gathering dengan schoolmate acs lumut.
ya,i mcm org nomad time primary school..
kejap kt lumut,KL and Labuan.
ade la 4 sekolah i went to..
i'll upload the pictures at my fotopages k.
insya-allah if the internet connection ok today,
after suffering almost 2 weeks!
and i want to say thanks to all my friends yg memeriahkan our reunion.
mostly my MrPumpkin,
he was here couple of days last week.
and yes,he is one of my classmate ms sek rendah :P
muah,love ya!

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