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Thursday, September 06, 2007

M for MAMA

nenek&atok will be going to Mekah to do their umrah this evening.
and mama went to KLIA by herself this morning to see them.
since last few days she kept thinking how to get to KLIA.
finally,she decided to take the airport coach from kl sentral.

so this morning mama kua gn i time nk pegy class.
so for the first time die naik lrt time tengah sesak.

"every morning memang along tak dapat duduk ek pegy class?"
"train mcm sardine kan?"
"slow je train ni,selalu laju je kan.."
"diorg ni, smpi tepi pintu da mama tgk.kesian"

mama ni sumtimes comel je words die.
i plak prefer to angguk and geleng di pagi hari.
masih belum aktif :P
sayang mama!

hari ni birthday one of my classmate,NIRMALA
and my ex-schoolmate,WAN AZREEN AZILA
happy birthday u both!

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