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Monday, September 10, 2007

love me,or just leave

Today’s topic is, I who know nothing about cooking.

I know many would blame me about this because women should know cook.

I, myself do not know why I am a little bit ‘kurang minat’ in cooking. I know that it is a living-skill. It’s not that I won’t get into it but maybe slowly.

So as for now, I hate people keep forcing me to learn cooking. Hello, slowly oke.

Even mama didn’t force me to do this and that. I once joking with her that I know the theory, hehe.. and I also know theory is not enough. Yap, there’s a lots of cooking books at MPH and sometimes I spent my time to look tru those books. I once found a cute-fully-pink cooking book too!

Honestly, I spend very little time at kitchen. I live at hostels in my school time and every school breaks, I spent my time reading, playing and watching TV.

I love mama’s food until I don’t even realize that I myself have to cook.

And maybe because thinking that I am not getting into marriage-life yet, so it’s still not a priority for me. Do you think that I will regret for not spending my time properly?

Actually I am getting fed up with some people who under estimate me about this, that is why I am typing this post. I think I should slowly learn how to spend my free time in the kitchen. I am thinking about making kuih raya (,”)

Best of luck qemmal!

(selalunye saye hanya hangat2 tahi ayam*wink*)

Love me, the way I am or just leave me.

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