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Sunday, September 09, 2007

i am 22!

I am 22 years old!

It’s my birthday and I just pampering myself at home.

It sounds boring but I am not in the mood of celebrating.

I rarely celebrate my birthday since I was born.

Normally when we talked about birthday, we will imagine cakes, parties and celebrations.

But not for me.

Mine is just like a normal day, maybe tons of wishes from my friends and some prizes and birthday cards.

I still can remember my birthday celebrations and surprises from my friends when I was studying and the most memorable is when I was at matrix.

By the way, I would like to say thanks for all my friends for the birthday wishes.

I am not going to list your names here, because it’s a long list.

But thanks for remembering me

p/s : I got a hand-made birthday card from my youngest brother . It’s big & lovely. Thanks adik! He made it the night before, and I did help him to make that, acting that I don’t know he would give me the card.hehe.. He is so sweet. On mama’s birthday, he makes a bouquet of flowers and a birthday card using color papers.

Last year he gave me a box and key-chain on my birthday, also his handmade.

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