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Friday, August 03, 2007

friday as 'girl's day'

yup,its girls day!
friday is the day which girls go
to their therapy during their lunch time.
and today is FRIDAY!
i went to MASJID JAMEK just now.
and i was at the same place last week,
but with different agenda.
last week i went to one of the bank
there and found out masjid jamek was interesting
on friday.
you know why?
i have seen a scene that i think
i wont get no where but in masjid jamek.
muslim's men gather and had their prayer there,
the beautiful part is,
the mosque is not big enough to the citizen until
they have to pray at the pavement,on the road and even at the pavement..
i was attracted to that scene so i came back today to snap some pictures.
sounds crazy huh?
i will share them on monday oke..
so till then,tada~~
p/s: i am writing this post while my trainer is teaching.notty me :)

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