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Saturday, June 23, 2007

asah soft skill!!

hari-hari terakhir di CS!
qemmal attended soft skill class which compulsory for microsoft student.
i tot it will be a boring seminar like d one we had attended before.
but i did enjoy this one..
much better than before.haha..
thanks to MR. NOBEL NG & sweet MR. CARING CHOW..

as for d ice breaking,we have to introduce ourselves with a new name..
that is..
a positive word that start from d first letter of oour name + our name
and my name is..

here i want to post some pics that we've taken during d class..

Wisdom Wan & Mr. Nobel Ng

the guys showed their skill - ikat tie ;p

ikatan tie yg comot.haha..

my friends and their certificate

lots of things yg dpt belajar from Mr. Nobel,
and it was fun!

so tomorrow ade class lg and can wait.
esok kena pakai mcm nak pegy attend interview.

and erm,
esok pc qemmal akan berangkat ke home sweet home..
bercuti la blogger ini sementara..
so until then,

p/s : Dr Shahida buat saya sedih dengan speech die.

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