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Monday, May 28, 2007

my lecturers are now my classmates

sounds best huh?
memang best pun.
my lecturers are now my classmates,
instead,they are nice classmates.
almost two weeks we become classmates
and i did enjoyed having classes with them.

what i love about having them in my class?

1. may be because they are lecturers,
they are not like us,the other students.They
keep asking to our trainer which i think if i'm in the trainers shoes,
i'll surrender!haha..

2. sometimes they did asked our trainer silly things,
it was not because they didn't know,
but they want to share the knowledge with us,
which for them *malu nk bertanya*.

3. they kept remind us to study,
mcm alarm yg berkate2.huhu..
which good for me yg slalu je buat keje2 lagho :P

4. they treat us like their friends.
Sometimes we can just bahasakan diri I-you with them :)

huruf2 STUDY! ni dibuat gune building from all over the world.
i found this from akusape and try2.hihi.nk try gak?
klik here

note for myself :
qemm,u have to pass all the exams.
its worth!

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