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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my lecturer is now my classmate II

yesterday,early in themorning,
Pn.Faten,my lecturer who is now my classmate gave us some advices

1. Further your study. If you got job,carry on and do your master at nite.
study and work at d same time.
what do you think?
sounds heavy,difficult&complicated for me.

2. "Lg bgs kalau tade boyfriend lagi.kalau ade yg takley wat tu,
takley wat ni,tak payah la.Dont worry,sy yg garang ni pun ade orang nak :)
instead,bukan sorg,ramai (while laughing)"


yeay! i got MCP
(microsoft certified professional)
but two more to go.
fuh,scary ok..

my Trainer, Sir Januar called me NUR
patutla few days ni rase cm bercahaya je.hihi..

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