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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ma bloved sista

emm..pernah tak rase sedih bile ur sista gonna get married?
klaka plak tu excited giller..
kite sedih plak..

qemmal tade sista..
but i do have a cousin which is so sweet..
we are pretty close..
mane tak..membesar sesame..
she's only 3 years older than me..
ms dulu2..
ms kecik2..
slalu je lepak kedai nenek sesame
*aisey,rindu plak jd cucu tokey kedai*
we spend our time together..chit-chatting..
ma cousin tu loves to talk..
until me bcame a quiet cute gurl bside her..
but i love to hear her stories..
it teach me lots..
about life..
about guys..
sumtimes it bcame my inspiration..thank sist!

in few weeks time..
she'll getting married..
i am happy for her..
but deep inside my heart..
i am afraid..
of losing her..
losing my best sista ever..

but nway..
congrates to her..

to kak yeen:
i want u to know tat i love ya
now,then and forever..
congrates sist!


syamiey said...

qemm..u know wht..i'm the one who really sista gonna get married dis ogos..sedih sgt..she's my best sister..kite ader 2 org kakak jer..but ngn die lg rapat..beza 5 thn dekat giler..ramai org ckp kitorg kembar..sedih bkn sbb aper..sbb dulu maybe die syg kite sorg..but now..nk kena share ngn laki die..and..sedih sbb maybe pasni tak dpt nk manje2 n hanging out cm ms di dia muda2 dulu..uwaaa..klu bley..tanak die kawen..uwaaa..

~purplechoc~ said...

tula mie..sedih la..
nti mesti dh tak rpt cm dulu eiks..
yela die ade laki nk kena jage..
kalau dulu stakat boypren je..
ni dh laki die..sedih kan..uwaa..